Adult Assistant Instructors

Adult Assistant Instructors

Although Professor Jeremy Arel teaches all of the adult classes personally, sometimes he teaches seminars at other academies or coaches our competition team.  When Professor Jeremy has to coach or teach and cannot be present at the academy, one of Great Grappling’s assistant instructors will lead class.  All of the assistant instructors are accomplished grapplers with highly refined teaching skills.



Nelson Mercado - Nelson is a talented brown belt who has been training for 11 years. Nelson & Professor Jeremy were training partners many years ago when both were blue belts under their instructor Luis Togno. Nelson has several years of experience as a BJJ instructor and is an active competitor.





Jon Helton - Jon is a purple belt under both Prof. Jeremy and Eddie Bravo in the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system. He owns 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Charlotte and is the head instructor of 10PJJ classes at Great Grappling. Jon is an avid competitor and enjoys both training in and out of the kimono.





Patrick Saleeby - Patrick is a purple belt who has a great style of teaching and brings a lot to the mats. He has been training for over four years.








Derek Barker - Derek is an accomplished grappler with over 12 years experience.  Derek’s desire to train is only surpassed by his need to teach.  In addition to being a technical purple belt Derek is an accomplished wrestler with accolades in both high school and college.