Kids Instructors

Kids Instructors
Teaching children Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a large task.  Professor Jeremy Arel teaches all of the kids classes personally but enlists the help of some of Great Grappling’s aspiring instructors to help supervise techniques.  This page is devoted to those assistant instructors that understand the amount of work it takes to build the next generation of champions.

Sara Whitten – Sara is a purple belt who has trained BJJ for over six years. Her small stature and patience makes her the perfect training partner for many of the kids.






Luke Schwarze – Luke is a great example of the next generation of grapplers. At 16, he is a blue belt who has been training 4-5 nights a week for three years and selflessly dedicates his time to the youngest generation.





Jim Stone – Jim has been involved in martial arts for many years. As one of the most senior members of GGBJJ, he sets a great example to the younger generation and shows that BJJ is a lifetime sport.






Aaron King – Aaron is an energetic blue belt whose enthusiasm for BJJ is contagious. Aaron has been training for over six years and was formerly an instructor at his academy in Georgia.






Marty Williams – Marty was one of the first members of GGBJJ and has been grappling for over six years. As a parent to 3 kids, he does a great job working with the children in class. 






Fred Jennings – Fred is a fantastic grappler with over six years experience.  He has a lot of teaching experience and mat time.  Fred has a firm understanding of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a desire to pass on that knowledge.






Evan Goyette – Evan is a completely dedicated grappler who can be found on the mats 5-6 days a week. He’s developed great leadership skills by working as an assistant instructor in the kids class.






Ian Young – Ian teaches History at a local high school and his talents for teaching definitely improve the level of instruction available for the little ones in our children’s program. Ian has been training for several years.