Competition Team

For some people, casual training is not enoughcompetition2

Although the classes are labeled “Competition Team” you do not need to compete in order to attend this class. These classes double as advanced classes and follow a more traditional “master/apprentice” teaching style.

Competitions are broken down by age, size AND experience level, so if you are a beginner, that’s ok! We will provide you with the tools for success, all that is needed from you is commitment, hard work, and desire!

Competition classes are taught in both gi and no gi (with and without the uniform) and are scheduled for later in the evening. Professor Arel personally trains in these classes and will grapple with all students in attendance. If you are looking for intense physical activity and cutting edge competition techniques, these are the classes for you!

Because our competition team is highly dedicated, these classes are only open to students who have unlimited packages or have trained for an extended period of time. If you are interested in competition level classes please feel free to contact us and we will schedule a time for you to come observe training at it’s highest level!