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Welcome to Great Grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where we're dedicated to high-quality coaching and unwavering support. Our BJJ Classes are designed to make professional grade training available to everyone in our community. No prior experience is required. No egos and no intimidation. Our goal every day is to help men and women across Fort Mill and Charlotte challenge themselves and take pride in their accomplishments. PLUS, in our Kids program, your little one can develop incredible discipline and confidence that will serve them for years to come. Check it out for yourself. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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I’ve been training at Great Grappling for about a year and a half now, and it has truly had a positive impact on my life. I’ve lost a noticeable amount of weight, gained previously undiscovered confidence in myself, and made connections that will last a lifetime. While training, I’ve met people from all walks of life who have been brought together through the common interest of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the community that has developed through it is incredible. Professor and owner Jeremy Arel also offers a one week free trial to new students who want to try BJJ before committing to a membership, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Robert Gathings

I've been training at Great Grappling for 6 years, and I cannot give it higher praise. Professor Jeremy has created a community of people that care about training and growing as martial artists--but also care about each other as people. If you are a parent looking for a way to teach your children self-confidence or self-defense, this place is a must. If you are hoping to find an academy where you can learn this amazing art called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this is the place. Come train with us!

Michael Baker

Hey all,

I ran into the Jeremy by complete accident, by rolling up to Gordo’s academy to train a few weeks and asking about places to stay. What I got was an amazingly warm welcome and a new family for a few weeks. Everyone at the Connection Rio house was friendly and fun, and they were serious about training BJJ. Awesome.

As for Jeremy himself, it is few and far between to find people who are as dedicated to teaching as this man. The classes are very well researched, based upon extensive experience, and set in a format to learn through muscle memory. All of the techniques build off of each other in a continuum, designed around building a game plan and prepping for competition. Jeremy keeps things moving and fast-paced, but you never feel exhausted until its all over and you realize you’ve been training hard and nonstop. I highly recommend his classes and I’ll definitely be back again.

Thanks, Jeremy!, will be seeing you at the Rio Open!

Justin Bench

I have had the pleasure of training with Jeremy for the last 3 and half months here in Brazil and on top of that i have gotten to take several private lessons with him as well. Jeremy has a natural ability for teaching and a great mind for BJJ, his ability to help you understand concepts and help you develop new skills is on an elite level. On top of this Jeremy is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and wont hesitate to give you advice or praise on whatever you are doing. Even after class when he is dead tired and sweating out small lakes on the mat he will still provide answers to your questions/ show you techniques. If you ever have the opportunity to train with Jeremy I highly recommend it, I know I am going to try and make it down to South Carolina at some point to train at his school when he gets it open.

Kids Martial Arts Fort Mill

Kyle McDougall

Excellent place to be whether you are brand new to bjj or a black belt new to the area, or anything in between. Professor Jeremy Arel runs the best school around. His depth of knowledge and ability to transfer that knowledge is second to none around here.

Kids Martial Arts Fort Mill

Mike Lea

Jeremy has not built an academy, he has built a community. He truly wants every person that trains at Great Grappling to be a success, on and off the mats  I look forward to training at Great Grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu every chance I get in the Charlotte area I would recommend anyone looking to better themselves in a like minded community to train there as well.

Kids Martial Arts Fort Mill

Brian Crandell

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