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Technique of the Month: Open Guard Pass- the Slam & Go

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At Great Grappling we’ve just entered the 2 month block where we focus on Open Guard and Butterfly Guard. This month’s technique focuses on the Open Guard Pass, the Slam & Go. Sure, there are fancier and more technical passes out there. But anyone who utilizes this pass consistently knows how invaluable it is for shutting down those pesky open guard players. As with many techniques, the key to this pass is committing to it fully. Many a practitioner has gotten the needed grips to execute the Slam-and-Go, only to suffer paralysis-by-analysis before the “slam.” That hesitation, at best, means you’ve missed a golden opportunity. At worst, you end up getting swept anyway, which is always a very sad thing. That’s why we’re highlighting the details of this technique for you this month. Click through to the video on the link below and enjoy!

Open Guard Pass – Slam & Go

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